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How Do You Celebrate Christmas?

How do you celebrate Christmas? I’m guessing that your answers, like mine, tend to focus on us, on what we enjoy about this season commemorating the birth of Christ: family, friends, gifts, special meals, as well as other things not quite as enjoyable like credit card debt and stress. I’m ...

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Over the years, and particularly as a younger Christian, I've often felt inadequate as compared to others who served powerfully in the church.  Sometimes when I heard someone with an amazing voice or musical gift, I thought...clearly I'm not as talented as that person.Thankfully, as time went ...

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Praying Like Paul

Praying or talking with our God and Father is as necessary to life as anything we do.  Recently, as I shared in a sermon on September 16th, I’ve been struck by the fact that most of my prayers have to do with physical or emotional issues people are facing and not a much to do with ...

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First Night in the New Student Center

Wednesday afternoon, I sat on Coastal Christian School’s campus, visiting with students as they ate their lunches. We chat about tests, homework and life, and I ask if they will be at youth group that night. They say yes, and the next thing out of their mouths is: “Are we in the new ...

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Welcome-Mart for International Students

Imagine you’re a Chinese student who has been accepted to start Cal Poly this fall. You’ve never been out of China. You know enough English to get by, but it scares you to death to think of talking on the phone for fear of not understanding the person on the line.You’re excited, ...

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