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A Strange Way to Save the World

Last week I stood crying in the Trader Joes parking lot.  A Christmas song was playing:                      Now Joseph knew the reason, love had to reach so far, But as he held the baby in His ...

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“What a way to run a railroad”. This was often said derisively when a train got off schedule and ran late. In the old days, trains were famous for running right on time, punctual that is! Today some people seem to lose all sense of time. They meander, they wander, they seem to ...

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At Christmas we often sing, “ ’tis the season to be jolly.” Perhaps so, but more significantly, it’s the season to be generous. But not only during a season, but all the time. What does it mean to be generous? Is it always giving money? Is it being liberal in offering ...

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God My Rock

I am the kind of person who makes plans. I like to know what I’m walking into, fully prepared and ready for whatever I need to do. I like to be in control. These past nine months have been a huge time of learning and growing for my husband, Mike and me as we prepare for the birth of our ...

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On Being Thankful

Thanksgiving has just passed, and many of us are probably still in a food coma, but that won’t stop us from planning for more parties, more food, more events, and more family; more of everything because the holidays are upon us. I have been reading through Luke and came across the story of ...

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