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Questions and Answers About Pastor Joe's Transition

This weekend I announced that, during this coming summer, I will step down from my position as Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church. In an effort to promote a healthy transition and keep our congregation well informed, I have put together this list of questions and answers about the ...

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My Transition To EFCA West Staff

A few weeks ago, we announced that I will be leaving the pastoral staff of Grace Bible Church to take a position with the EFCA West. For those who have not heard, here are the details. I have been asked to join our EFCA West staff as the Director of Credentialing, Theological Health and Training. ...

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Teach Us To Pray

One of the principles we try to emphasize here at Grace Bible Church is that worship is much more than just singing.  Two people sing the same song at the same time; one worships, while the other merely sings.  In the same way, could we agree that genuine prayer is much more than just ...

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A Word from Joe about "Getting it Right"

“The Ultimate Sticky Buns” –the headline read.  And the subtitle: “These buns can be assembled the night before, needing only a final rise before baking.”  Now, except for being taught how to bake a loaf of bread, I know diddly squat about preparing ...

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Next For Your Small Group

As the new year begins, many of our small groups are getting ready to start a new study. Here are a few suggestions for what to study next. If your group needs help ordering one of these studies, or would like to talk about other options, please email me at A Praying Life: Connecting With God In ...

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