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A Word about the easy way

A word about the “Easy way”… Sometimes we take the “easy way out,” which, most often, is anything but!  It neither gets us “out,” nor ultimately is it “easy.”  My mind circles back to those occasions when one of our teenage sons, ...

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A Word about Weaving

A word about weaving… A few years back, Charlotte and I visited the city of Kruje, once the capital of the Kingdom of Albania.  There in the old bazaar you will find people, mostly women, weaving and tying strands of wool into beautiful carpets.  Charlotte and I watched as ...

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Missing Easter

What if there wasn’t any Easter this year?  What would you miss? No, I’m not thinking of Easter Brunches, Easter Dresses, Easter Eggs or Easter Bunnies.  Or even Easter Services  on Good Friday and Sunday. What if there really was no Easter:  No resurrection of a ...

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A praying life

The Praying Life… In 24 hours I’ll be where I love to be… home. Brian and I have just a couple more teaching-sessions to attend at our denomination’s annual Theological Studies Conference where, for three days, we have considered what Bible, history, and culture teach us ...

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Valentine's Day Love

 Now that we are in the month of February, many people are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day because I think we need to show “love” to more people than our spouses, and we need to do it all year long, not just on one day.  One ...

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